Update Your Home with a Black Kitchen

Black kitchens are having a beautiful moment right now and the results are refreshingly bright. Traditionally black kitchens have been associated with the “handsome” dark look reserved for luxurious hunting lodges or a very modern and sterile style. But this new wave of black kitchens are proving that black doesn’t have to be dark. With the right amount of natural light, contrasting colors, and carefully chosen layouts, black kitchens are a great way to update your home.

This kitchen found a way to bring together wood, marble, and black harmoniously. The black colors enhances the richness of the space. via Hunker

Take advantage of as much light as possible. The black light fixtures above add height and break up the bare space without cluttering it. via House of Silver Lining

Muted black is much more luxurious and modern than shiny. It also complements natural colors, like the shades of brown in this wood. Via Ashley Furniture

Pink as a neutral is my favorite way to bring out the richness in colors. via Farrow Ball

Experimenting with darker ceiling paint to bring out the black in your kitchen is a great idea. via HGTV

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