Treat Your Windows with More Style (and less stress)

Do the sight of blinds give you nervous tangled mess energy? As a child, adult, and now parent, I can tell you that the blinds of my childhood no longer have a place in my life. Long gone are the flimsy layers of plastic that seem to tangle the minute you look at them. No more half-way up and half-way down lopsided strings knotted up after a slight breeze of the air conditioner. Blinds have come a long way and, if  you haven’t already, it’s time you invested in good ones.

Consider Roman blinds that match hanging curtains. The look is much more intentional and stately. Roman blinds are not easy to move up and down, they’re also much easier to keep clean than traditional blinds. via Elle Decor

Or do the opposite and focus on contrast to highlight the feeling of height and boldness. Matching house slippers encouraged. via Domino

I love a good composite shutter. Not only can the blinds face up or down depending on how much light you want in, the panels can also fold horizontally or open like French doors. via

If done right, roller blinds can seamlessly make a window look as beautiful as the scenery just outside it. via

Shoji screens are an elegant way to diffuse light while still reaping the benefits of the sun. via Art Makes Home

What are your favorite kinds of window treatments?

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