The Glass Connection

If you’re lucky enough to have a glass link, then you know how convenient they are and how much beauty they add to your property with very minimal effort. Glass links aren’t for every home, but if you can have one, why not?

Here are some of my favorites recently:

Attach a detached garage with this simple glass link solution. Not only is it visually eye-catching, it’ll also make those trips from the car to the house a lot more convenient when it’s raining.
via One Kind Design
Turn an empty space into a greenhouse garden party. Outdoor lighting solves any electricity limitations for a charming night in.
via Architizer
An above-ground connection will make any space feel like a castle.
The seating area on top allows this space to be a four-season dose of happiness.
via Shepherd and Davis Architects
This is a great solution if you have limited space and a lot of imagination.
I love that this doubles as an entrance.
via Ventana
This is another even more simple way to attach a detached garage.
Keeping the main house open to the link is an easy way for an abundance of light to enter.
via IQ Glass

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