Thanksgiving Elegance

Thanksgiving is celebrating abundance. Unfortunately, sometimes when it comes to decor, abundance can lead to clutter and lack of focus. Not only that, but the Thanksgiving decor you can find at your local store doesn’t usually scream elegance or sophistication. Thankfully, there are many ways to avoid an overdecorated table, such as paring down, having a focal point, and playing with the style elements you already have in your home. These following tables are wonderful examples of the simplicity and care that makes for a memorable place to eat.

Neutral tones are a wonderful way to highlight the natural elements of Thanksgiving. If choosing pumpkins as your decor, avoid bright orange ones and opt for ones with a more muted hue. via Beauty for Ashes

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate Thanksgiving outside, wildflowers and fruit as the main star of the decorations is an elegant way to tie together the theme with bursts of color and texture.

Candles will instantly add charm and sophistication. The simple duo of light and gourds is all you need to make the table feel welcoming and full. via Alicia Wood Lifestyle

Full bushels of wheat can be elevated with stunning dahlias and sleek, dark candles. Play with height and suddenly your table decor embraces intentionality. via Real Simple

The simplicity of decorating a plate with a sprig of herbs and a single white pumpkin can’t be overlooked. But adding a personal cutting board in lieu of a charger is quite charming. via Modern Glam

Blush made a comeback years ago and it’s coming back again as an accent. Use it sparingly as a neutral and you’ll bring out the femininity of the season. via Elle Decor

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