Stairs That Set the Tone

Things I’ve learned:

A sign of a good staircase is it makes you want to see the rest of the house.
A good stair case acts as a stamp of quality workmanship, architecture, and design.

For many homes, a staircase introduces the aesthetic before the furniture even has a chance to say hello. This is why investing in a good staircase is key when building or remodeling a home. And if you’re lucky enough to have a show stopping staircase, it’s a good lesson on how to elevate and maintain the rest of your home to its level.

Here are my favorites I’ve seen around. Enjoy!

This one immediately made me want to take a tour of the home. The hint of the light fixture hovering over the single mid century chair is such a tease. via Tongue n Groove Flooring

Adding the wallpaper under the stairs opens up this space unexpectedly and I love that. I’m guessing the rest of the house is just as put together. via Serena and Lily


Going the opposite direction, this is darker, timeless, and highlights nature in a very different way. What a beautiful statement. via Ninnet Natural

A very modern take with softer elements to help make this scene feel comfortable, welcoming, and very grand. via EeStairs

I feel instantly calmed by this photo and I love how the staircase is a seamless transition from one level to the next. If a staircase could be zen like and completely in the moment, this would be it. via Home Adore

Do your stairs reflect your home?

If not, how would you update them?

For a more detailed and technical look at stairs, please see this blog post about choosing the right stairs and why it matters.


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