Show Off Your Style and Give Everything a Home

Clutter is the silent destroyer of style. To keep your home clean and your style intact, always make sure everything in your home has a home. This is why I recommend customized home storage for all my clients and encourage them to take an honest look at how much they’ll need. Down to the last wine glass, paper clip, and remote control, having a place for everything will make maintaining your home’s beauty easy and logical.

From teas to spices to espresso cups, everything has a place and therefore everything looks in place. via Hunker

If your pieces are part of your style, making them visible is a winning way to organize and style at the same time. via Little Blue Deer

This is a wonderful solution for when your odds and ends don’t fit in a typical space. via Ellei Home

I’ve said it once (or twice) and I’ll say it again: embrace the ladder. I can’t tell you how many homes have unclaimed space due to its height. It’s a perfect place for items that aren’t used on a daily basis but are still useful in your home. via Howlett & Co

Ignoring the small things as not important enough to have a home will only cause stress later. Another thing that will destress your life? Giving labels to your homes. It’s a simple thing that will make decluttering your home systemic and easy. via Apartment Therapy

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