Pocket Doors

Updating a home can be as simple as adding a pocket door. Oftentimes doors are the last thing people want to think about replacing when updating their home and yet a good door is an essential part of a home’s structure, design, and balance.

Bonus: pocket doors can fit anyone’s style and need. Look ahead for some great ideas on how to get the right pocket door for you.

Your door can classically blend in with your decor (minus the hardware).
It’s a great way to make the room feel bigger while keeping the focus on key accents.
via Rejuvination
What better way to accent an accent wall than a pocket door to give the eye something to really anchor on.
If your pocket door opens from the center out, make sure what’s in the center is worth looking at.
via Chris Loves Julia
A textured door is always a good thing, especially when the rest of your decor is simple and straight forward.
via DIY Mom
This tale of two kitchens is made even better by matching accent colors and staying true to both sides.
via Old House Online
Now imagine this serene scene without these pocket doors.
Just not the same, right?
via Dezeen

Regardless your style, try out some pocket doors.
They’ll highlight what you want, hide what you need, and make people say “Ooh! A pocket door!”

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