Outdoor Fireplaces: Taking the Living Room Outside

Last week we talked about beautiful porches. This week we’re adding on to the theme and talking about beautiful fireplaces on beautiful porches. As the weather turns to fall, don’t ignore the most glamorous source of heat your home has to offer. Create a living room feel by adding in plush seating, a place to set your drink, and table accents to tie everything together.

Geometric white is a great choice to evoke a Mediterranean style. Lush green in the back and neutral colors for the furniture is a great way to accent this clean, elegant look. via Style Me Pretty

A minimalistic approach without a lot of fuss. via EST Living



I love this Cottage in the Hamptons style approach to this fireplace. I could easily imagine this in a lake house in Wisconsin, too. via Monika Hibbs

This Napa Valley style pergola is the perfect place to relax, gather with friends, and generally do nothing but enjoy some wine and good food. via Decor Pad

A covered seating area is my kind of outdoor experience. Glass and wood accents with ample seating is a wonderful way to highlight the simplicity of this space. via Hunker

Talk about cozy! I love the inviting nature of the furniture and fireplace. The crawling vine is the perfect equivalent to having a piece of art over the living room mantle. via Honestly WTF

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