How to Love Your Home Every Day

Someone recently asked me if I were to give quick tips on how to make a home look magazine worthywhat advice would I give? There are some obvious things that come to mind that we covered in this post (put away counter top appliances, let in as much natural light as possible, declutter, accessorize, etc.), but then I thought a little more about what they were really asking- “How can I take more pride in my home?” It got me thinking about my years of writing blog posts and how they have addressed this in big and small ways. But today it’s all about the small ways.

Maybe you don’t want an entire renovation of your home to express who you are. Maybe there’s an easier, and cheaper, way to make your home represent the best of you on a daily basis. I went through old blog posts to answer that question and perhaps help you, too, have more pride in the home you live in.

Here are some easy, inexpensive, and practical ways to make the most of your home:


Do you love your home? How have you made your home a source of pride and excitement?

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