Live in the Present: Enjoy your home by making design updates a priority

Live in the Present: Enjoy your home by making design updates a priority

By the time they come to us, our clients have already decided they’re ready to launch into a project to update their home’s design. But for most homeowners, deciding on the right time to take on what feels like such a big step isn’t easy.

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The Problem

Let’s face it, there’s never really a good time for any of us to go through the expense and inconvenience of a home update, especially if you’re not certain how long you’ll be living in your home. Life’s many “what if’s” can overshadow your desire to have a home you love being in – one you find beautiful and energizing, that functions ideally for how you want to live your life every day.

Many of us simply don’t make enjoying our homes an urgent priority. Afraid our investment in a design project won’t “pay off” financially if we end up leaving our homes sooner rather than later, we instead live in dated homes that don’t function well and don’t make us happy. But we all know how often we wind up frantically making improvements we won’t be there to enjoy anyway just before putting our homes on the market to sell!

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A New Perspective

But if you look at it the way our recent client did, you may see the wisdom in refusing to live for any amount of time in a home you don’t enjoy. She places a high value on living in the present, and a big part of that for her living in a home she loves every day even though she doesn’t know how long she’ll be there.

She understands what many recent studies are finding: That how our home environments look, feel, and function can have a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. Not enjoying our homes isn’t just a neutral state. It can increase stress, affect the quantity and quality of how we interact with others, and even play a role in our mental and emotional health.

Our client made the decision to take the leap into a design project now because she knew she wanted to update her family room while she could be there to appreciate it. But what we love most of all is that by adding to her quality of life this way, she also happens to be taking great care of herself!

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The Approach

Despite a bit of uncertainty around how long she might be there, we didn’t box ourselves in with the design by adhering to the standard advice of keeping things “neutral” and impersonal for the sake of potential future resale. As long as a home is well designed, the materials are high quality, and the updates are well executed, there won’t be an issue when it comes time to sell.

Although her project is still in process, our rendering shows how beautifully the new palette, layout, and design will complement the room’s fantastic city views. Instead of the current space’s shag carpet, accent wall, beige furnishings and lack of visual excitement, our client wanted a more contemporary space.

Mohindroo Interiors-Rendering of Space

She spends a good bit of time reading in this room, so she wanted the sofa and chairs to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that reading would unavoidably turn into napping! The new clean-lined sofa and the pair of curved-back chairs are perfect and will also allow her to comfortably entertain guests here.

She also wanted a media stand where she could put a TV. In keeping with the streamlined space, we’re hanging the monitor on the wall and placing a gorgeous gray console underneath to anchor that side of the room. The storage provided by the console’s cabinets is a nice bonus.

The space’s main palette of cool grays and warm tans make a perfect blank canvas on which to showcase our client’s collection of modern art. To add even more visual interest, we’re layering in contrasting textures with items like the spiky lamps, a silky rug, and the brass table bases.

When it’s all said and done, this space will be modern, comfortable, and livable and will perfectly capture the homeowner’s personality and tastes.

What About You?

There’s a lot of value to be gained by living in a beautiful environment that helps you let go of stress, encourages gathering and conversation with loved ones, and helps you live every day the way you truly want to live. It adds to your quality of life – and updated finishes and furnishings won’t hurt your home’s value!

Maybe now really is the perfect time to take the leap into a home update project, regardless of whether you’re in your “forever home” or just your “for right now” home. Give us a call and let’s talk about it today!

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