Let There Be Unconventional Kitchen Light!

The world of light fixtures feels endless. Pendants, chandeliers, sconces, recessed… you name it and it exists. Their styles can also go from the extremes of art nouveau that feels like its ego is bigger than the actual light it’s giving off, to the very boring opaque white attached to the ceiling fan. But I’m here to remind you that unconventional lighting is the better choice because there’s so much in them. They add a built-in aesthetic that allows the rest of the room to breathe around it. Meaning, it’s a non-fussy way to elevate your home without demanding too much attention. There’s a little risk, but with risk comes reward.

Today I wanted to show you the benefits of having unconventional lighting in your kitchen. Out of all the rooms in a house, your kitchen needs the best lighting and I’m an advocate of investing in the light that best suits you and your kitchen.

This is whimsical, symmetric, unexpected, and not overbearing. via Angeline Guido Design

Sleek and luxurious, dimmable, and also available in black. via Ray Pom

But what if you like unconventional but not the modern? I love these for an older feel that completes this farmhouse aesthetic. Bonus: you can actually see how clean (or dirty) your dishes are. via Cambria 

There are two light fixtures saying two different things and I really like how their presence divides the space. Gold with wood is hard to pull off but I love it here. The light fixture in the back looks like an art sculpture. It’s also placed perfectly as the light from the window isn’t too harsh on it. via Aqua Granite

I’m admittedly in love with this. Completely in love. Whenever movement, art, and light meet, it’s magical. via Homary

What kind of kitchen lighting do you fancy?

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