The Importance of a Well-Designed Porch

Whether in the front or the back, porches are one of the most versatile and important factors of a home. Regardless of culture, country, or geography, well designed porches are honored and appreciated. What makes a note-worthy porch? Like any other room in your home, it should be an extension not just of your style but also your lifestyle. It should be designed so that it will be used often, cleaned easily, and welcomes both guest and dweller. Here are some favorite porches I’ve seen recently.

With high arches, an impressive ceiling, and a resort feel, this porch is a show stopper. via Architectural Digest

Comfortable furniture is a key factor in making sure your porch isn’t neglected. This is a classic lake house look perfect for entertaining. via Beauty Holo

A porch doesn’t have to be large to be effective. This one has a secluded, cozy feel while still being a perfect place to both gather with friends and be alone on a slow Sunday. via 1st Dibs

Embrace tile. Not only will tile open up a plethora of style options, it’s also easy to clean and durable to the outside elements. via La Doce Vita

The chandelier and fireplace say Italian villa. The tile and furniture say cottage in the Hamptons. Together they form the perfect porch scene. via Ladies in Real Estate


Are you ready to update your porch?

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