How I Love Dining Al Fresco (without dining al fresco)

In theory, I love eating al fresco. I love bringing beautiful food out to a perfectly manicured backyard under a Tuscan sun with my friends and family gathered together. But in reality, eating outside is a lot more effort with a lot more bugs and muggy temperatures. These options are wonderful compromises while keeping your sanity. There are different styles for different houses all with the same purpose- keeping your sanity while enjoying a quiet meal in your backyard.

French doors, elegant white, and farm style chairs would make me feel right at home in this Hamptons style dining room. via United Porte

Open up your kitchen and home and surround yourself with the backyard you worked so hard to maintain with this Art Deco conservatory. via Homethetics

Minimal and luxurious are rarely words that I pair together, but this one fits the bill. Including a small bar is genius and efficient. via Don Pedro Home and Design

Cozy-up your space with a cushioned bench and corner nook. It’s a wonderful way to maximize space with comfort. via NE Design and Construction

Speaking of maximizing space, if you only have a few feet to spare, get the most out of it like this urban sunroom. via Arch Zine


Enjoy all your backyard has to offer and consider these bug-less al fresco additions. No matter your style or size of your home, there’s a perfect one for you.

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