Home Feature: Modern French Country Home on a City Lot

Modern French Country on a City Lot. Those five words together made my heart beat faster. Many people claim their homes to be modern, French, and country. But all at once? On a city lot? I had to see for myself on Home Bunch and I wasn’t disappointed.

Of course we’ll start with the kitchen. A country home’s heart is the kitchen. The stone, clean lines, and textured wood floors harmoniously come together to create a naturally comforting place.
You all knew I would show you this sweet pantry.
The fireplace is currently the center of my attention, however the rug adds so much life to the room without screaming it’s there.
A shower wall definitely reminds me of my times in France, as does the beautiful trees surrounding.
Bonus: A double sided wall with custom shelves isn’t your typical county home look. But the neutral tones keep it from being too modernistic.
Is there anything more wonderful than a reading nook that doubles as a bed that doubles as a way to be a part of the world without being in it?
The outside is just as charming as the inside.
Modern French Country at its finest.
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