A Home with Endless Energy

This house really took me off guard. Featured on One Kind Design and designed by Paul Lamb Architects, it’s a home that both energizes you and makes you think. Nothing here is systemically ground breaking but the details remind of the way curators design an art gallery. Each room feels like it’s own little world of quirky additions layered upon quirky additions. There are moments of stillness expressed in classic¬†design (the bathroom is a great example of this). This is definitely a home where the art pushes the needle and also ties everything together.

From the texture of the walls to the animals in the back, this room speaks its own language that’s almost bohemian but with a little more structure.

The blue pulls you in right away but the neutral colors in the art and textiles calm you immediately. This is a wonderful space to listen to music and drink wine.

This kitchen has a classic design but the vaulted ceilings, pendants, and large windows brings out a burst of energy needed for a large gathering.

The stairs also add a burst of energy.

This was the room that made me realize how special this home is. The wallpaper is unapologetically random photos from an opera house and yet perfectly fits the dark and romantic mood of the room.

Classic and intentionally less colorful but no less energizing.

Palm trees and rodeos with 60’s prints. It all somehow fits.

I love this room the most. A dining room/lounge/atrium. It makes me dream about dinner parties and relaxing with friends after a long week.


I hope this house gave you ideas and a burst of energy.
It certainly did for me!

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