Greenhouses Worth Mentioning

The style of a greenhouse is one of those iconic things that hasn’t changed for centuries. You find them mostly on farms or places where the the style of the home hasn’t changed either. But with the movement toward growing sustainable food outside of rural areas is expanding and becoming more urban and suburban, greenhouses are slowly changing their look and I can’t be more excited.

Yes I love the look of a classic greenhouse, but these modern takes are making me grateful times are changing and so are our backyards.

Creating a green house dedicated to dinner parties amps up the farm to table concept. Straight to your plate in one hour or less! via Bacowkaradawa

Another dinner party concept but this time smaller, more intimate, and filled with endless decor possibilities. via Coco Kelley

I love that this greenhouse is less country cottage and more cabin in the woods. There’s a lovely dual nature about this with the glass contrasting the wood. via ACF Greenhouses

A mid-century greenhouse. via Pinterest

An updated color and shape can make your greenhouse feel like a luxury. via Sweden Greenhouse

 Are you loving the possibilities of greenhouses as much as I am?


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