Glass Doors: An Entrance For Your Entrance

How do your guests feel when they walk into your house? It’s a question that often refreshes my mindset when designing and re-designing a home. This is why I love how doors can make the person walking through them automatically feel welcomed, special, and apart from the outside world.

More so, how does your door make you feel when you’re inside your home? If you have glass doors, then you know they can be just effective aesthetically on the outside as they are when you’re inside. If you’re hesitant about glass doors, know they don’t have to be standard, too revealing, or one dimensional. The world of glass doors has so many options. Here are a few of them:

Let the light shine through in a very dramatic way with black contrast and an elegant arch. via Ryan Street

The idea of walking through this door with a tray full of drinks for my guests is much more appealing than the standard alternative. Door handles? No thank you! via My Luscious Life

Something cursive, something grand, something that makes a statement of luxury as soon as you walk in. via Homify

A door within a door is a genius way to open up your home or keep it tightly shut. via our Pinterest Board

Another door within a door. Storm doors are a common thing in the midwest but they don’t have to be drab or cumbersome. They can be as stunning and effective as this one. via Room for Tuesday

A southern touch to glass doors with white wood is a classic way to showcase going in and going out. via Southern Living


What kind of glass doors do you fancy?

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