Giving Style to a Fireplace

It’s getting cold. I’m officially in the prep stages for Winter: cleaning out storage, prepping the exterior, and mentally preparing myself for being cold most of the time. So naturally I’m dreaming of fireplaces. Big, beautiful fireplaces that will instantly warm up my cold, cold body when the temperature drops. If you’re looking to update your fireplace or have one installed, take a look at these options I found. Finding the right style for you is my number one priority, so hopefully you’ll find one that fits whatever needs you have.

This one is both modern with its minimalist shape but also artistically rustic with uneven stones and colors. The wood storage is wonderfully aesthetic. via Planete Deco

Minimalist but certainly not rustic. This modern color and texture would fit perfectly in a New York loft as well as a home in rural Connecticut. via VTWONEN

This classic design would go well in most homes. I love the woodwork and the contrasting black and white. via Delightfull

This curved design and neutral stone has a distinctly bohemian flair. It’s rare to find an arched fireplace in a home. via Reclaimed Warehouse

I love the idea of adding a splash of whimsy and color in traditional places. This tile has all the right elements to elevating this traditional fireplace. via HGTV


What’s your fireplace style?


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