Our Favorite Interior Design Trends for 2020

When it comes to interior design trends, I take a “use with caution” approach. I love trend watching and I definitely love incorporating new trends into my designs. But it’s not very practical for me to fill their homes from floor to ceiling with this year’s trends since that would leave those homes feeling completely out of date in short order.

Instead, I use the trends I love the most sparingly to update and elevate more traditional designs. Pairing a decorative pillow made from an on-trend fabric, for example, with a neutral sofa in a classic silhouette will create a fresh yet timeless style.

That said, we’ve vetted the interior design trends for 2020 and culled them down to our absolute favorites. Here they are! 

2020 Trend Pick #1 – Feminine Colors

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Feminine tones like blush, dusty pink, and other subtle pink shades are beyond huge for the coming year. 

Even more on-trend is pairing those soft hues with bronze or copper. 

But warm metal or no, these colors are a perfect way to add a little visual warmth and softness to spaces that are mostly whites, grays, or other neutrals.

2020 Trend Pick #2 – Pale Flooring

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We’ve been firmly entrenched in an espresso, ebony, and black walnut wood flooring trend for nearly a decade now, but 2020 marks the official return of light wood floors!


We’re not talking about pickled oak, a la the early 1990s. This time around, it’s all about ‘beachy” driftwood tones and pale grays and “greiges. Even true blonde woods are big now (think nearly seamless swaths of pale gold that deliver a Scandanavian minimalist feel).

In terms of tile, marble-look flooring is still going strong. Try it (or just about any other stone tile) in an also trendy hexagonal pattern or go all out with subtly handpainted wood tiles or porcelain or ceramic field tiles in soft gray and white patterns. 

Mohindroo Interiors

2020 Trend Pick #3 – Curvy Sofas

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After bumping our legs on the corners of blocky sofas for nearly a decade, sofas with curvier silhouettes are taking center stage. 

Whether in the form of seats with almost u-shaped bends that allow face-to-face conversation from end to end or in rounded backs and arms, these sofas aren’t quite replacing the tailored look of their mid-century modern and track armed cousins just yet. But we’re definitely seeing a softening around the edges, as it were, although without the bulky overstuffed look of the early 2000s, which is great news for anyone living in a smaller space! 

2020 Trend Pick #4 – Layered Furniture Heights

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You may not even have noticed, but the trend for the past 10 years or so has leaned toward furnishing rooms with pieces that are roughly all the same height. I point back to the rise in popularity of flat-screen televisions when everyone got rid of their huge media cabinets and armoires in exchange for wall mounts. 

This year, the pendulum will begin to swing back a bit toward filling some wall space with a few taller pieces while keeping other pieces at mid- to low-height for a less uniform (i.e. more interesting) look and feel. 

We’re seeing tall bar cabinets, oversized nightstands, as well as taller backed armchairs and dining chairs are popping up everywhere.

2020 Trend Pick #5 – Bold Paint Colors

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Starting this year, our walls are going to get a beautiful dose of bold color! Deep peacock blues and hunter greens are cropping up everywhere. Charcoal and black are also both hot, hot, hot, particularly when there’s textural interest on the walls such as shiplap or decorative moldings.

For paint colors and everything else in our homes, the drama of pairing black and white together is very on-trend. Think black and white tile bathrooms and black kitchen cabinets against all-white counters, backsplash tile, and walls.

2020 Trend Pick #6 – Walls with Natural Textures

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Although natural textured walls sound like something you’d find in a yurt, the trendy textures we love are far from “earthy.” Grasscloth wallcoverings have been hugely popular for several years and the trend is still growing. This unique material manages to lend both natural texture and a sophisticated vibe to any space. 

Mohindroo Interiors

The good news for 2020 is that there are more grasscloth varieties and colors than ever to choose from. In fact, if you can’t seem to choose between a patterned wallpaper and grasscloth, you’re in luck because we’re seeing beautiful patterns printed right onto grasscloth in everything from botanicals to geometric patterns. It’s the absolute best of both worlds for your walls!

And for the ultimate luxurious-yet-natural wall texture, look for the many options in sumptuous faux leather wallcoverings. This material is positively stunning in rich shades like navy and cognac, as well as in soft hues like lilac and oyster. We’re also seeing faux ostrich, alligator, and shagreen. Just think – your walls can match your handbag!

2020 Trend Pick #7 – Flower Power

Mohindroo Interiors

Some form of floral pattern or other is in the mix almost every year for interior design trends and 2020 is no exception. 

For upholstery and wallcoverings, we’re seeing somewhat stylized (even nearly abstract) florals emerging as one of the more popular interior design trends this year.

Whether in the scale of the pattern is large or small, these florals are wild, tumbling cascades of blooms, as opposed to organized bouquets or carefully arranged rows and grids. 

In terms of color, high contrast palettes like turquoise and yellow or navy and white are in high demand, although demure shades of pink and robin’s egg blue are also getting a lot of love. 

2020 Trend Pick #8 – Pup Art

Artwork has gone to the dogs! 

After a good 5-7 years as the front runner, horses are now being evenly matched by canines as the most sought after subjects for paintings of all kinds. From line drawings to kitschy, colorful pop art to more traditional pastoral scenes, as well as photography, dogs are all the rage in wall art this year.

Whether you tuck a miniature canvas of English hunting hounds into your foyer table display or commission an oversized modernist painting of your own pooch to take pride of place in your living room, this trend can’t help but add warmth and liveliness to any decor!


So there you have it! While we may be leaving a few other design trends on the cutting room floor for now, we always keep an open mind. Just because we can imagine loving a trend today doesn’t mean we won’t see an absolutely gorgeous burnt orange velvet sofa, for example, tomorrow so please don’t hold us to this list too strictly!

Which home design trends for 2020 appeal to you the most?

Of course, if you want to try one or two of them and you want an expert’s help, give us a call or drop us a line! 

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