How Would You Customize This? Butler Pantry Edition

Oftentimes people are hesitant to customize because commitment can be intimidating. Do you know yourself well enough to know exactly what you want for the rest of the years in your house? I, for one, am not comfortable committing to a custom built bookshelf in my living room. What if I want to rearrange the furniture? What if I want that wall space for other uses, like expanding a room or adding a tapestry?

But there are some truths about my lifestyle that will never change and that revolves around my kitchen. I know, without a doubt, that getting the lids from my pans will always be a struggle or that my plates will chip after years and years of nicking them together when I try to retrieve them from the back corner of the cabinet. I also know that unless I control my spices, half of my kitchen prep time is wasted on looking for them. If your life is anything like mine, then it’s time to customize your kitchen cabinets. And if your kitchen habits are like mine (meaning fairly predictable in all their little annoyances), customizing this space should be fairly simple.

You could go this route. I’ve seen the most beautiful homes become more beautiful because of custom shelves just like this. Enclosed or not enclosed, they can make for an impressive kitchen. But not everyone wants to showcase their plates (or spices or mismatched glassware). So for those who want their kitchen goods to have a little more privacy to rumble around when not in view, Butler pantries are the perfect solution. via Homelisty

Recessed lighting, frosted windows on dutch doors, chest sized bottom drawers, and a sliding ladder. This butler’s pantry has it all without commanding too much space in your kitchen. via My Domaine

Be still my heart these custom shelves are perfect. Even the corners have been put to good use without limiting access to any part of it. via Stacy’s Savings

Options. That’s mostly what I see when I look at this stunning Butler’s pantry. There’s room for everything, including mismatched items and miscellaneous “I don’t know where this goes but it’s kind of a kitchen item” items. The subway tiles add just the right amount of texture to this organized but not too sanitized space. via At Home in Arkansas

I love shots like these because you can really see how the pantry reflects the style of the kitchen surrounding it. via Hello Norden

If possible, I highly recommend pocket doors for your pantry. It allows you to open up your kitchen in seamless way when you’re in and out transferring items while cooking. via Home Stratrosphere


How would you customize your butler pantry?

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