A Cabin in New Zealand

What can you do with under 600 square feet in the middle of the New Zealand countryside?

If you’re this family you can build the perfect cottage as a place for you and your family to reconnect with nature.

Family cabins are a common thing here in Wisconsin, so I could relate to this family’s desire to have a home base out of the city for their family as it grows older and grows bigger.

The natural pathway to the house blends perfectly with the scenery, which is much the pattern for the rest of the house.

This kitchen is both simple and rustic, but elegant with the dark wood and sloping ceiling.

Different angles bring out the different moods of the cabin.

A wonderfully cozy scene. Each element in this room is important and part of the whole. From the a-frame windows to the grain of the wood, the design gives a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

To maximize the opportunity of being surrounded by so much natural beauty, they allowed the windows to highlight the shape of house to let in as much nature as possible.


What would you do with 500 square feet in the middle of nature?

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