Black Windows (I might be obsessed)

If you been following this blog, you might have seen a trend and it’s a trend I didn’t realize I was obsessed with until I personally looked through the posts from this year. Black windows. And its no wonder; they photograph well, they look good on every style house, and they highlight how the light comes through your home.

As impressive as they are from the inside, they’re equally impressive from the outside. Take a look and see what I mean.

I’m always in favor of a nice, tall arched window. Add black to it and you’ve got my full heart. via Womack Iron

Windowed French doors with black and contrasted white is such a perfect modern farmhouse statement. via Sanctuary Home Decor

This lake house if full of black windows that both modernize and simplify its look. via Martin Brother Contracting

If your style is more southern, black windows still fit the bill. Considering adding another contrast of crown molding to make a stately yet welcoming appearance. via Southern Living

You don’t have to contrast black windows to make a statement. Dark tones with black windows is dramatic, elegant, and absolutely luxurious. via Pinterest

Ah, a Tudor house! The black window originator. Or at least the style that made black windows mainstream. This one goes the extra mile with black molding and a serious bay window. via Andersen Windows

Tudor, farmhouse, southern, modern, or classic.

No matter your style, there’s a black window for you.

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