5 Special Things I’m Loving

Sometimes I get lucky and special things pop out at me without warning. When that happens, I tuck them away to share them with you later. From big to small, here are the 5 things that caught my eye recently.

Charming, unexpected, and great if you have dogs and want to enjoy the outside without worrying about their escape.
via Southern Living
Glass windows is a great idea to show off your renovated space while creating a modern twist on an older structure.
Nothing says inviting like natural light coming from both sides. via Pinterest
A hideaway small enough for a backyard, big enough for a weekend away, and stylish enough to want to show off.
via Nook Tiny House
This door detail has re-affirmed my appreciation for woodworkers.
If I could hide every appliance in my house but still have it conveniently placed so I don’t struggle to use it, I would be in house heaven. This set-up is genius.
via Sheer Luxe

What are you loving lately?

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