5 Kitchens That Made Me Drop Everything

I’ll never tire of beautiful kitchens. The amount of care and detail that goes into creating a well-designed kitchen is nothing short of remarkable. These kitchens made me go “oooh” and I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

A ladder in the kitchen would be a wonderful way to take advantage of the most unused space in any home. Store easy to carry things like linens, platters, and cookbooks. via Cozy Stylish Chic

This pantry disguised as a cabinet made my heart beat faster. What a wonderful way to create charm and cohesion. via Home Talk

Another pantry but this time with a ladder and a space for just about anything you want to store away to help keep your kitchen stress free (relatively). via Pinterest

The details in this kitchen are quite note worthy. At first glance is doesn’t look like a traditional farmhouse because of the monochromatic cabinets and countertops, but the sink, vintage light fixture, chevron tiles, and wood paneling is a great nod to the cozy feel of the aesthetic. via Studio McGee

Deep inhale. This kitchen is magnificent. I don’t want to ruin the pure beauty of it with my commentary, so let’s just all sit back and take in all it has to offer. via Studio McGee


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