A Reminder About Your Home

The last time I posted, the world was a much different place. As a human race, we were healthier, happier, and relatively knew what life would be like from week to week. In fact, when this goes live I’m sure even more of the world will be different.

Like many of us, I’m dealing with three weeks of no school for my kids, limited social interaction, and companies in my industry who have limited capacity. We are all running on less. But like many of you, I’m running on less at home, a home I love and that brings me great joy because I’ve taken the time to style it, build it, and tailor it to my needs. In this moment, as almost all of us are faced with a significant amount of more time at home, I’m even more grateful I’m in a career that allows me to help people love their homes like I love mine.

So here I am, here to help you enjoy your home more so this time of uncertainty and social isolation is a little more bearable.

Here are some previous blog posts I hope will help you:

Picking the Right Colors for a Room– This post goes into detail about not only how to pick colors for a room but also gives information on color expert Maria Killam and her e-book. And since we all have time to read, why not learn about one of the most essential aspects of interior design?

Office Styling Tips for a Comfy and Productive Workplace– The world is getting a glimpse into life of working from home. For some it’s not an easy transition, especially if you don’t like your home. Here are some tips on how to maximize your space so your brain can relax and focus on your work and not the clutter on your bookshelf.

The Key to a Magazine Worthy Home– This one might surprise you. It’s not about going out and buying expensive items. Instead we talk about using what you have and taking out the items that serve no aesthetic purpose. We all have blindspots in our homes and now’s the time to take a hard look at what you’ve stopped noticing in your day to day life.


Things are changing week to week but one thing’s for certain: our homes are our most important space. For many this is an opportunity to show it more love and give it more attention. I hope you’re able to take the time to take care of yourself by doing this.

All my love,


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