Would You Decorate with Pink?

Pink is a loaded color. At least in America it is (I would love to hear from our international readers!) It’s more than often associated with young girls, bubblegum frivolity, and the iconic flamingo trends of the 60’s. In decorating, it’s often used to stand out as bold color or a statement piece.

But what if the world looked at pink differently? What if pink was presented as a neutral color instead of something other colors had to navigate around? Would we still be hesitant to decorate with it? Here are some great ways to make pink a part of our interior decorating vocabulary.

Here the statement piece is the dark, bold navy blue wall. If the cabinet was any other color, the wall wouldn’t be as powerful. via Farrow and Ball’s Twitter account

Do you notice all the pink in this photo beyond the couch and art? Subtle yet it ties everything together. via Pufik Homes

This is admittedly a lot of pink, and that amount is a statement in and of itself. But the varying types of this muted pink doesn’t feel overwhelming; it feels quite the opposite as it brings out the green within the room, making the emphasis on the calming effects of nature. via Architectural Digest


What do you think of pink? Do you have pink in your home? If not, would you considering using it as a neutral?

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