Weekly How-to: Doing Faux Right

Faux is a word that many of us fear – designers especially! If it’s not genuine, it can’t be high end or design worthy right? Wrong! If done correctly, faux can be our friend. Whether it be because of the budget, ethics, or lack of a green thumb, there are many instances where faux may be the perfect addition to your space.

Do It in Small Doses – A few pieces of faux here and there can be a great touch, but too much of it can take away from the overall aesthetic. By incorporating only one or two pieces of faux products into each room, they will be less noticeable and seem like part of the design. Ultimately you’ll end up with plants that last a lifetime without any of the work.

West Elm

Placement is Key – Not over doing it and where you place your faux pieces go hand-in-hand. If your room is dying for a little bit of greenery but you can’t seem to keep even air plants alive – right there with you – add a faux plant in. However, you’ll want to make sure to incorporate your faux pieces in the same thought out spots you would have the real thing. Plants typically thrive near windows or natural lighting so when you’re placing your faux plants, you’ll want to be conscious of this.

Check the Quality – Just because we’re going faux, doesn’t mean we’re skipping on quality! On the contrary, quality can actually become more important. Fake plants or faux fur can quickly make a space look cheap if the right materials are not used. Do your research, invest a little more, and the product you’ll end up with will be well worth it.

Becki Owens

Mix It In – Pairing your faux pieces with the right materials can make or break your design. Doing a faux plant in a real vase and adding in real dirt can help to create a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing look. Faux furs or vegan leather can also be done well but should be incorporated with other high-end fabrics and metal choices that will prevent your design from looking cheap. A faux fur throw at the end of a luxurious bed can help bring that touch of glam to your bedroom.

It’s not always easy, but if you’re willing to spend the time, finding the right product and best quality will definitely pay off. Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the benefits of faux without sacrificing on design.

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