Using texture in a room like a Pro

Not everything in your home has to be big and bold, sometimes just the opposite is better. Subtle hints of design can often make the strongest impact. A great technique to give a room interest and dimension is layering a variety of subtle textures.  Here are some ways we love to use texture to create a sophisticated and dimensional room.  

Texture for Style – The textures you use in a space can often set the tone for the style room you intend to have. Selecting rough materials like raw wood can create a rustic style while a velvet upholstered sofa will give an upscale, elegant look.  The materials you select will play a large role in the style of the room so source things that emulate that style.  

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Add Dimension – Many people think texture can only be done through the fabrics in your room but there are many different ways to achieve dimension in a room. Get creative and add dimension to your walls with a textured wallpaper, wainscoting, paint finishes, brick, etc. I love adding trim to the back of a chair or on the edge of a drapery panel which will add a touch of texture.  Another great way is adding a piece of art that has movement and texture to it. Abstract or scenic oil paintings done on a canvas can be the perfect finishing touch for your room.

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Creating Comfort – Textures a big part of your room’s aesthetic, but comfort should be equally important. Using soft fur pillows or a chunky throw will instantly add texture and comfort.  I love using a faux grasscloth wallpaper in a deep charcoal or plum color for a mudroom or a laundry.  Its durable enough for a frequently used room but will add just the right amount of texture in a beautifully rich color for a room that sometimes can be boring or uneventful!  Don’t be afraid to use texture to your advantage in any room.   

Opposites Attract – Creating a room is about finding the right balance between styles, and sometimes the perfect balance is combining opposites. When working with different textures, this could not be truer.  An elegant viscose rug with just the right amount of shine to it underneath a raw driftwood or teak coffee table can create a polished and refined, yet natural and rustic space.

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Repeat Texture – Being sure that your textures don’t feel random or out of place is equally as important as having texture in the first place. A rustic room with a twill sofa, one velvet pillow, and a wool rug may look a little mismatched. However, doing a twill sofa with a velvet pillow and velvet drapes can help tie everything together. Repeating certain textures in 2 or 3 small places can help the room feel cohesive and allow for a more intentional, refined look.

Picking textures that feel right to you, that work with your day-to-day, and that represent the look and style you want for your space will help you to create the perfect design. 

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