Unexpected Bathroom Walls

If you’ve been following this blog you know I’m a champion for wallpaper. I talked about the practicality of it here, I used it for this bathroom here, and the feature photo is from another project of mine you can find here. Today I want to show you the possibilities and purpose of using wallpaper in your bathroom.

Bathrooms tend to be stark, white, and a bit bland. And I understand the appeal for that- recreating a spa look at home is often the number one priority for people. Nothing busy, nothing bold, just serene. But a bathroom with a personality uplifts a home far more than an unforgettable room and the easiest way to do that is add some unexpected wallpaper. How unexpected? Take a look at some of my favorites from the internet.

The color reminds me of Versailles and the vintage florals remind me of Paris. This whole bathroom makes me want to go on vacation. Don’t you love the power of well dressed homes? via Circa Lighting

When I said unexpected, this is what I meant. I’m imagining this in a beach house, lake house, pool house, or any water lover’s house. via 1st Dibs

This is a great example of how to have bold and intricate prints without feeling overwhelming. via Jennifer Farrell’s Twitter

If you have a half wall, consider going very busy and outlandish. The bareness of the lower half of the wall will complement, balance, and enhance the top half. via Pamela Harvey Interiors


If you’re curious about what kind of wallpaper is right for you, feel free to reach out to me here. Not only can I help you with the design aspect, I can answer questions about what brands to trust, how to install, and how much you can expect to spend.




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