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I find myself strangely in love with yearly top ten posts. Yes they’re fun (and perhaps overdone), but in a world of so many options, it’s nice when someone breaks down a year of content. This year was incredible for the firm and I’m so grateful for my clients. I’m also grateful for you for your support and readership. Whether you’re new here or you’ve been reading this blog all year long, here are the top ten posts in chronological order.

What I’m Loving This Week I remember writing this on a snowy night in January in one of my favorite cafes. I ordered the tallest latte and combed through photos from Paris Design Week for inspiration. What a lovely way to kick off a year of blogging.

Home Feature: Minimalism and FulfillmentI loved writing this post and I loved being able to tie together the purpose of minimalism and bettering our lives.

Our Favorite Interior Design Trends for 2020 This is a long one but it was so fun to write and flush out all of my thoughts for the upcoming year. Was I right about these trends? Take a look and see!

A Slowly Cultivated Home I wrote this unexpectedly. I saw the home and emotions started pouring out and the words followed. This is how I live my life and I hoped to convey this type of living to all those who felt compelled to simplify, be patient, and be in love with your own progress.

An Appliance You Won’t Mind Leaving OutThe popularity of this one surprised me although it shouldn’t have. The craftsmanship of these charging stands is a beautiful blend of minimalism and technology. 

Elevating Your PantryThis one still receives hundreds of hits per day from Pinterest. I’m definitely not complaining about that!

How to Be More Creative With Your BasementI loved writing this beautiful at the time I was a little obsessed with basements and their possibilities. I still love turning a support beam into a bar table.

The Best Way to Build a Mudroom Another Pinterest favorite. Researching mudrooms took me back to England and all the beautiful cottages that demand at least one mudroom.

The Best AtticsUnconventional spaces are so satisfying to design around because they force you to be creative and to see space in an entirely new way. 

A Classic Christmas Party– This was a perfect way to cap off the year. In all honesty, it takes a really long time to curate these dinner parties, but they’re so fun and addicting that I might do them again. Just imagining that dinner menu makes me hungry!


Happy New Year!!



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