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I don’t know if you know this, but I now read articles with you in mind. What would interest you? What’s actually newsworthy? What’s something that would add value to your life? These following articles are a bit of everything that I find thought provoking, relevant, and just plain fascinating.

The best standing desks for mobility and comfort– Science has proven we weren’t meant for sitting for long periods of time. Now that many of us have the autonomy to choose our office set-up,  I’m excited that standing desks have become more mainstream. Don’t forget to think of the flow of your office as you implement your new desk.

Top 9 Kitchens of 2020– Scroll through all these beautiful kitchens and don’t forget to close your mouth as your jaw continuously drops. 

Before & After: A Couple Transformed a Dated 1980s RV into a Cozy, Boho HomeI’ve talked about my need to travel and this beautiful and modern update makes my wanderlust so much more attainable. Who knew traveling in an RV could be so stylish and comfortable?

The Future of Kitchen Design Is Hands-Free and Smartphone-Activated– Remember the kitchen robots? This is a step between now and The Jetsons. This kind of future isn’t as overwhelming as having robots in your kitchen, but it’s also something to plan for. Think streamlined, not overhauled. 

This Is What a Dream Home Looks Like in 2020, According to Domino Readers– The title of this article sucked me in and I have to say it was worth it. Each room is unique, creative, and attainable. 

The Original Meaning of ‘Begging the Question’ – This is one of those reads that sticks with you. It’s one of those wonderful topics that could be discussed at length or as a fun conversation starter at a party. When parties happen again…


What are you reading? Anything catch your eye?

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*featured image from Dwell’s Top Kitchens of 2020

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