The Plan

Creating a detail and overall plan for your home is essential.  This home needed a few upgrades…they wanted a Master walk-in closet, a larger master bathroom, and renovate the bathrooms and kitchen to create a more modern home.  We had to change the layout of the home so we could accommodate for all of these modern upgrades.  Below you will see the original layout and below that is the new layout for the home.  Creating a well thought-out floor plan is key…in my opinion!



We ended up moving the closet wall in the Master out towards the family room.  This allowed us to have a “U” shaped walk-in closet.  We then took square footage from the walk-in closet from the guest bedroom room for the master bathroom.  Lastly we took out the Foyer closet for a larger more open space.

After the layout was approved we discussed the overall feel for the home.  These empty nesters wanted a formal yet comfortable sophisticated and timeless WHITE interior!  We started pulling fabrics, papers, paint colors, light fixtures and flooring that would help us to achieve this look for the interior.

A sneak peak of some selections…

Lisa Mo

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