I think we can all agree the world is the craziest we’ve ever seen it. Because of this, I often find there’s a knee-jerk reaction to talk about the opposite to balance out the crazy. My news feed is either doom and gloom or complete fluff. More death and destruction or more sales on Buzzfeed items. More storms leveling out entire cities or the top ten vegetables that best reflect my personality.

But what I’m really craving is substance. Not purposely negative content designed to stir emotions (nor false positivity), but the good stuff that makes me feel connected to the world without feeling destroyed by it.

How does this tie into an interior design blog?

My profession is about substance and finding ways to make the richness of who you are fill in the spaces of your home. Being intentional as a designer is largely reflected by my personal need to be intentional as a creator, business owner, and human being. At the heart of every interior designer is an artist who lives on empathy, depth, and creativity. So although there will always be crazy balanced with fluff, I love sharing with you the substance that makes life worth bettering.

This week I’ve gathered a few of those things to share with you:


I hope your week is beautiful, intentional, and full of substance.




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