How to start a renovation project

The design process has many different phases, which is why it is so important to put together a “design team” who will walk you through every phase.  I find clients who iron out the details with a design team before the project starts have a smoother, faster and overall happier experience than clients who bring in people after work has started.

A solid design team consist of an Interior Designer, architect, general contractor/builder (they will manage and contract out the sub-contractors), project manager and even an open minded clients is ideal!  Every project varies and is unique, so you might need to add or not use all of these players for your specific project.  But, ultimately each player brings something unique to the table and it is VERY important that the team is always communicating with one another.  This helps keeping things running smoothly and very little delays occur.

Ideally I meet with my clients at least 8-12 weeks before any renovation project and 12-16 weeks before any new construction project.  After meeting several times with the client we have a chance to discuss and create the “BIG Picture” of the overall space.  These intial meetings are so important to capture the overall concept of the space.  It also helps with getting more detailed quotes.

Below are the “before” pictures of the home.  Please stay tuned for more updates and the journey for this renovation project.

Lisa Mo

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