Opening Up Your Home to More Light

As we’ve been spending more and more time at home, this pandemic¬†has proved that space needs to be optimized. And if there’s still not enough space, many people have had thoughts of moving to larger houses, adding office sheds in the backyard, or adding another level to their already two story home. I’ve personally been thinking about additions, particularly to the front of the house. I love the thought of opening up that space for the sole purpose of allowing in more light, more room for plants, and more opportunities to be alone.

So what are your options for renovating the front of your house? Come take a look.

I love the thought of dedicating the front of your house to plants and relaxing. This is great for entertaining or just keeping in touch with nature. If fully enclosed, the possibilities for furniture and decor are endless. via Interior Collective

When cooking at home is the foreseeable future for most nights, how about making it a place of light, happiness, and (most importantly) space. Surrounded by big windows and food is definitely my happy place. via Visi

Or maybe you’d rather spend your mornings eating breakfast under the sun and your evenings eating dinner under moonlight. This is a wonderful way to feel al fresco all year long. via Lubelska

As home offices are becoming more and more prevalent, dedicating it as a place of light is important not just for your mental health but also your physical health. via SHNordic


If you have any questions about renovating your home, please feel free to contact me. Even if it’s just to see what the possibilities are regarding your space and structure, I’d love to discuss your options.

Have you added to the front of your house? What things did you learn? What would you have done differently? Are you happy with your choices?


featured image via Homify
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