Selecting the Perfect Floor

With so many floor options out there it is almost impossible to narrow down a perfect floor for your home. I have seen a lot of trends in this business and see how a floor can either age a property or enhance a property. Which, in my humble opinion you need to get your floor right in order to have that show stopping home. Think about it…next to the wall color your floor will take up the most amount of square footage and the largest visual impact in your home. Selecting a floor can be challenging but here are a few trends and tips that I have used in the industry in helping clients navigate through all of the options out there.

One, use a material that is current. You are not seeing people cover their hardwood floors with shag carpet anymore. So, if you are lucky enough to have beautiful hardwood floors underneath that shag you might want to consider removing the carpet and refinishing the floors. This is an inexpensive and wonderful way to revitalize your floors. If you are shopping around to replace the flooring with a hardwood, engineer or even a vinyl that looks like a wood you might want to look for a finish that is current and up to date. Here are some of my FAVORITE finishes right now. The trend is going lighter than dark and even gray tones are beautifully in right now!

Photos from Exquisite Floors

Porcelain, ceramic or even cement tiles…what to choose and where to place them. I’m loving the new cement tiles with the large graphic print. It really gives your floors the unexpected pop of pattern that a solid porcelain just wouldn’t be able to do. I would recommend using these cement tiles really about anywhere, but they are porous so if you don’t like to see stains you’ll need to seal them. You can use them in bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, mudrooms or even outdoor patios. Just make sure you have talked to the manufacturer about the limitations, care, and maintenance as some do have restrictions. I love Cle tiles and find that they have a wide range of patterns and colors. Here are some of my favorites from the Cle tiles.

Photos from Cle Tile

Porcelain tiles will never go out of style and these days you can find a porcelain that looks exactly like a marble, travertine or even a wood flooring. These tiles can just about go anywhere too but make sure to always talk to your flooring specialist who will help you navigate the vast selection of these tiles.

If all else fails think about doing a beautiful pattern to create a floor that is uniquely yours. Selecting a pattern like a herringbone or choosing multiple tiles to create your own pattern is a great way to finish a floor. Doing this might take some well thought out planning and talking to your design team to make sure everyone understands the plan so it’s executed to perfection!

Painted hardwood floor.  Photo from Pinterest

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