How to Select Bathroom Tile-12 Steps

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  1. Evaluate who will be using the bathroom? Ex. Kids, Elderly couple, someone with a disability?
  2. Assess how frequently it will be used? Ex. Is it a bathroom for your 4 children or your powder room that never gets used?
  3. Once those decisions are made then you can narrow down the material that will be suited for that bathroom. Ex. Porcelain, ceramic, concrete tiles, marble etc.

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  4. How formal or casual do you want the bathroom? Ex. The material will play a huge part…if you like formal do a marble or if you want something casual look into a wood faux porcelain tile.
  5. How are you going to lay out the floor? Ex. Do you want to use an inexpensive floor but add interest to the floor with a beautiful herringbone pattern?

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  6. Do you want the pattern right in the tile? Ex. A great way to make the bathroom have a vintage look is using a tile with a small pattern. BUT remember this will have a lot of grout lines so might not be ideal for a bathroom used frequently.
  7. How to maintain the floor? Ex. some floors you need to seal it every year or some floors need to be sealed before installation.  Double check and ask questions prior to installation.

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  8. How big do you want your grout lines?
  9. Don’t forget to select the grout while you are at the showroom! Best way to find the right color and it’s a detail that always gets forgotten to last moment.

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  10. Get a quote from a couple tile professionals. At the meeting let them know what material you will be using and if you have a particular pattern in mind. They can help calculate the amount of material you need.
  11. Hire the contractor, order the material, and complete laying down the tile!
  12. This is obvious…ENJOY!
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