The real reason you need to hire an Interior Designer

Hiring an Interior designer can benefit you and the quality of your project in many ways. I would love to give you three of the main reason why I encourage anyone to hire an interior designer for their next project. And, hopefully, the post will open your mind on reasons why you can’t live without hiring a designer for your next project.

One of my first and most important reason I encourage you to hire a designer is….TIME. It seems like these days there are more tips and tricks on how to do more things in less amount of time. We all can understand and relate to this modern day struggle…how can we do more things in the same amount of time? I’ve recently been obsessed with listening to podcasts shows that talk about business or anything to do with the Interior design industry. My husband who saw my new love for Podcast shows sent me a link. The link was providing tips on how to listen to more podcasts in less amount of time. NO JOKE! Now in the 21st century, we have a way to increase the number of Podcast shows we listen to in the same amount of time. Yes, I will put the link to the article below for those who what to ramp up the amount of podcast shows you can listen in one sitting. But that is a great example on how all of us are looking for more time!

Which is why if you are starting a new interior project you should absolutely hire an interior designer. We have the time to source and look through an endless amount of flooring, wall tile, plumbing fixtures, sinks, cabinets, hardware, paint colors, wallcoverings, window treatments, furnishings, and of course accessories that all coordinate. Furthermore, would you know all the ins and outs of the items that are needed for a specific project? Designers not only help you to weed through all of these selections but great designers also have systems and schedules in place to make sure all items needed are selected. On every project big or small there are tons of details that need to be considered and agreed on. You don’t know how many times I have clients phone me because they tried to select things themselves but didn’t have the time to finish it on their own. Time is money! Save yourself the stress and time by not managing every detail and selection on your own by hiring a design professional.

Another reason to hire a Designer is they will keep your selections up to date and on trend. I’m not saying you will or should have a home using all of the latest trends of 2017 incorporated and implemented into your home. Your home needs to feel like you and make you happy.  But, as a professional designer, it’s my job to find new trends and stay on point with the latest trends. I spend hours and hours looking at different sources finding the latest trends. A great example is we are suggesting to clients to use a lighter finish for their floors like a white washed weathered oak. Floors are a huge expense so why put something in that is already on its way out. We are helping you to select items that you can be assured will look sophisticated and up to date for many years to come.

Lastly, a professional designer will help you to stay on budget. In every project, I will request a budget and my reasons are simple.  For starters I need to know what materials or furnishings I should select to keep them in line with their budget, two to make sure you have a realistic budget for your scope of work, and finally to keep the project on budget.  Let me explain each reason a little bit more.

The first reason is when I know your budget I’m going to show you materials and furnishings that are consistent with your budget. The worst thing I can do to a client is to show them something, they fall in love with the item, but can’t purchase it because it’s too far out of their budget. Have you ever seen “Say Yes to the Dress”? In every consultation, the consultant will ask the bride…What is your budget? If the client ignores their budget and tries on a dress that is completely out of their budget they end up falling in love with that dress(it happens every single time). It’s the same thing in design. We don’t want to show you something that we know won’t financial work for your project. Another reason to ask for your budget is to make sure you have a realistic budget for your project. Let’s say you want to renovate your kitchen, main floor bathroom, remove a wall to connect the kitchen with the family room and get all new family room furniture. You have been watching HGTV and saw Joanna Gaines budget 30K for a similar project and you think great I can do the same. Now, 30K is nothing to sneeze at and trust me it will get you a lot but it won’t complete all of your wants on your specific wish list. People tend to have an unrealistic cost for projects because it’s not something they do every single day. Would you know how much a new boat would cost off the top of your head? Probably not unless you are in the market for buying a new boat or working in the boating industry. It’s the same thing with renovation projects. Talking realistically about the reno costs is a great thing to do before any project.  You don’t want to go through the project and end up being in major debt for years to come or even worst not being able to finish your project.  It’s well worth having that conversation beforehand!

Lastly, my purpose for talking about budgets is it hold you accountable on your budget. Yep, you…my lovely! Statistics have shown that people will spend 10% or more when remodeling their home. We have all been there before where we go into a store knowing exactly how much we need to spend. We walk in and end up walking out spending way too much! I have one word for you….Target! Sometimes those shopping adventures cost far more than we will ever admit to anyone(even our husband)! It happens all the time and a renovation is no different. You get into the project and realize you want/need to upgrade a thing or two and if you are not budget conscience you can spend more than you can afford. By hiring a designer we let you know that these upgrades are great but will increase your budget. Which at times there is nothing wrong and we encourage you to do the upgrade. But, there are times we try to talk you out of that upgrade. We will help you through out the entire project making sure you are using your money wisely and in places that will really impact your life in a positive way and in the end give you the WOW factor.

Using a design professional for your next project will save you time, money and add equity to your home. Any renovation or purchasing of new furnishings will cost you money so you might as well do it right the first time around.

OH…below is the link to an article that can help you to listen to podcasts shows in lighting speed!

-Lisa Mo

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