A Quick Getaway to France

I need a break. Not from you guys (I love this blog and all of you so much), but I need a break from thinking about my house. I have a feeling if I need a break from thinking about my house then you probably do, too. Cases are surging and as soon as word of another lockdown began, I had a sudden need to travel. Of course I’m not going to in the middle of a pandemic, but I’m going to happily indulge in thinking about all the beautiful homes across the world.

And they are beautiful. Even the suburbs of Denmark are magical. Country roads in France are life changing. Stone buildings in Spain inspire. So even though I’m not traveling, I’m unashamedly allowing my time to be sucked into the homes of those who spend their quarantine days exactly where I want to be.

As I scoured my sources for the perfect French home, I found an old article in Elle Decor about Francois Catroux, the famous French interior designer who spent part of his time in Provence in a cottage/manor/my dream home that’s known as Les Ramades. I was also reminded of his recent passing and the huge influence he had over how we live today. He was called the “Master of Grand Coziness” and that’s something worth living for.

Just how did he get the elite and wealthy to relax? Take a look at Les Ramades and see for yourself.

Quirky but fluid. Open but full. Everything in the right place.

Reading and a beautifully crafted mid-day snack would go perfectly here.

This is exactly the welcome I envision when visiting a place called “Les Ramades.”

I want a simple but elegant meal to last for hours at this table.

This living room feels like it could be from an apartment in NYC. I love the strong hands of modernism and comfort that dominate this room.


Are you feeling the travel bug like I am?

Are you also imagining yourself in the countryside of France alleviating the monotony of your home?

I hope you enjoyed that quick getaway as much as I did.

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