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How do you know you buying quality furniture? Wither if your budget is $1000 or $10,000 for a new sofa its still a big investment and you want to make sure you are purchasing the best furniture within your budget.

Unfortunately, we are in the world of “disposable” furniture. What I mean by that is we have tons of furniture options out there on the web or at a brick and motor store that may be in your budget but may only last a couple years or less. Ikea is a great example of this kind of furniture. Sure it’s great option to get you through college and a couple years after college while living on a less to nothing budget. But, once you get to the point of owning your own home you might want to look into buying quality furniture.

How do you know you are buying quality?  

What is the difference between a low-end sofa versus a high-quality sofa?

First and foremost look at the materials that are being used. The materials will make sure the frame is solid. With a solid foundation, your sofa will last for many years or even a lifetime.  Look for hardwoods like Kiln-dried oak, alder, or beech woods and stay away for soft woods like pine. To avoid from warping or cracking stay away from frames made out of plywood, plastic, or metal.

Another thing to consider is the way it’s constructed. I personally only work with furniture companies made in the USA, because I know there are quality control and standards that are being met. Make sure the frames are assembled using industrial grade screws and staples which will ensure a longevity of the frame. Corners of the frame should be reinforced with dowels.  Another thing to look at are the legs which should be part of the frame or held on with screws or dowels.

The spring system is also very important which is the part that holds you up when sitting on your sofa. There are typically four types of suspension systems.  Jute webbing, coil springs, sinuous springs, polypropylene webbing. The companies I specified from using the coil springs also known as 8 hand way tied method or sinuous springs. I would recommend either of these options for a high-quality sofa but do prefer the sinuous spring method.

Check on the cushion construction too. Make sure they use a high-density foam that is then enveloped by a goose down fill.  This construction allows for excellent shape retention with no “pancake” effect.  If you prefer a softer feel when you sit you might want to do a sofa cushion filled with only goose/down. But note this softer feel will force you to “fluff” the cushions almost every time you get off the sofa. It does provide a more casual relaxed look though.

Lastly, you need to think about the kind of fabric you use for your sofa. You want to find a fabric that is soft and comfortable but durable. Check out my past blog on fabric protection to get more information on selecting the best fabric for your lifestyle.

Remember just because it’s in your budget doesn’t mean it will last forever. You will be pleasantly surprised how better a high-quality sofa will perform over a budget friendly sofa.  Hopefully, these tips will help you when purchasing your next sofa…Happy shopping!

-Lisa Mo


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