Project of a Lifetime

My mother was devastated!  It finally happened…the home she grew up in was sold.  My grandmother ,Mimi, lived in a beautiful 3200 square feet ranch style home in a northern suburb of Chicago.  My grandfather and her raised their 6 children, had two wedding receptions in the back yard, seen grandchild and great grandchildren grow up in their backyard.  It was more than a beautiful home it was a place that had a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

My parent’s vision was to renovate this home and move in to live happy ever after….so that was the plan!  My parent’s only hurdle was to sell their 15,000 sq. foot home at a time that homes, especial luxury homes, were taking a little bit longer than normal to sell.  Unfortunately the family received an offer on Mimi’s home that no one could pass up and my mom’s dream was crushed.

My mother and I had BIG plans for Mimi’s home.  We had many many conversations about how we would renovate her home that would give it a “2016 face lift.”  We wanted to modernize all 3 of the bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen and turn one of the bedrooms into the master closet.  We also were planning on changing the layout a little to accommodate my parent’s lifestyle.  Lift the roof line up so they would have higher ceilings.  Restore the pink marble fireplace and use a soft color palette with shades of pinks and whites throughout the entire house.  Pink was my grandmother’s favorite color(she loved this color so much she even had a pink toilet in her master bathroom!) and we loved the idea of keeping her spirt throughout the home using the shade of pink.

My grandmother was a very classy and sophisticated women.  She always looked like she was coming from a modeling shot…She was beautiful inside and out and I always admired her elegance and classiness.  She also had exquisite taste and used this talent to design her own interiors.  She was a self-taught interior designer and made all of her homes exquisite!  She was a major influence in my decision becoming an interior designer.

With Mimi’s home sold my parents were on the search for another home.  And, little bit before the holidays they narrowed in on a home two doors down from Mimi’s home.  It was perfect…ranch style home, about 3200 square feet, a beautiful lawn, and it needed a little bit of TLC.  It was exactly what they were looking for…and so the planning begins!

Thanks for join us on this journey about renovating a home for my parents.  I’m so honored and thrilled to work with my parents on this project and know this will be a project of a lifetime!  This blog will be about the journey and the process of renovating a home.

Lisa Mo

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