Before + After: One Home, Three Brand New Baths

Throughout my years in the interior design industry, I’ve seen firsthand the impact projects of all sizes and scopes can have on a home’s overall style. And while every space – from the powder room to the kitchen – impacts the feel of the home and the quality of life for everyone who lives there, it’s easy to see how big of an impact top-to-bottom renovations have on refreshing and updating your home.

But life is busy. A lack of time, capital, and even simply not knowing where to start can be overwhelming for homeowners, making it easy to push those major projects off for another year.

Even so, large home projects are like any other daunting task – turning your health around with a new diet, launching a business, or deciding to start a family. It’s often the fear of the unknown that stops us from accomplishing our goals. But for any major undertaking, putting a good plan in place will make reaching for and accomplishing your goal much easier.

That’s why I am so excited to share this recent project with you. Not only are the clients completely thrilled with the results, but it also perfectly demonstrates how large projects with a great design plan and tried-and-true processes can turn any challenging renovation into something manageable.

We undertook these renovations during the holidays, which meant delays occurred and personal plans had to be adjusted. But whenever a challenge came up, leaning on our solid design plan allowed us to quickly find a solution. Now our clients are ecstatic and enjoying their three newly renovated bathrooms, plus all new flooring and fresh coats of paint in updated colors throughout the home.

Before we get into the details of the project, take a look at a few ‘before’ shots.




The clients wanted us to give them spaces that felt brighter and more modern, with a few classic touches here and there to add to the sophistication.

In the master bath, we selected a color palette of grays, taupes, and lavenders for a modern luxe effect. This beautiful wallpaper from JF Fabrics took center stage, setting a luxurious tone right out of the gate.  By removing a small linen closet, we were able to open up a walkway to the tub/shower area, as well as to give square footage to the new walk-in shower unit.

We used a softly veined marble on the floor, adding a generous layer of sumptuous texture to the space. We added heated flooring underneath because, as I always tell my clients, heated floors aren’t an unnecessary luxury in the Midwest – they’re a must! It’s akin to having seat warmers in your car. I know I can’t live without those and you don’t want to live with cold bathroom floors nine months out of the year!

AFTER PHOTOS_Master Bathroom_Mohindroo Interiors

We custom designed and fabricated the vanity for maximum storage and sophistication (more pictures to come to see this beautiful vanity). The shower walls were accented with diamond-shaped mosaic tile for a bit of modern drama, while we re-used the glass chandelier from over the bathtub to cap the room with a traditional note. Coupling classic pieces like this one with more modern elements gives any space an overall timelessness.

AFTER_Shower Area of Master Bathroom_Mohindroo Interiors




The home’s guest bath was treated to a wallcovering in a bold but classic blue and white pattern from Thibaut.  We kept the other elements in the space clean-lined to meld into the design seamlessly without competing for attention. The mirror’s modern detailing and the sleek faucet ground the space and give it a fresh look and feel.




And finally, we gave the powder room understated glamour with restrained details set against a moody blue-gray ostrich print wallpaper. The touches of unlacquered brass add visual warmth to balance the walls’ cool hue. The marble-topped vanity and brass faucet offer a modern take on traditional pieces, giving the whole space a sense of timelessness. We are madly in love with the overscaled sconces from Regina Andrew.  We think the unusual height and fun shape bring the quiet drama a powder room needs.  


All the finished spaces really couldn’t be more different from when we began. By giving these three spaces totally new sophisticated, luxurious looks, along with the updated paint and flooring in the other rooms, the whole home feels infinitely more refreshed and stylish.

Maybe it’s time you made a real impact on how your home looks and feels by finally taking on those big design projects.

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    Wow! I love the transformations.

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      Thanks so much! Glad to hear you enjoyed the project.

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