New Year New… Door?

It’s tempting to write a post that reflects on the new year. But as I thought about all the things I could write, nothing really stood out to me as interesting enough to spend mental energy on. I promised myself I would only write about things that really caught my interest and I intend to continue this, as random and chaotic as that might make the blog seem compared to the “big guys”. Yes it would be easier to make an editorial calendar, but that creates a corporate feel that’s not conducive to creativity and authenticity. Something I learned long ago is that professional doesn’t mean corporate. This is the biggest joy of owning my own firm.

And if I’m kind of bored with talking about the New Year, I can only imagine how you must feel.

And then enters in glass shower doors.

Goodness did these catch my eye this week. We’ve talked about the different styles of homes: classic, modern, minimalist, boho and glass shower doors are one of those very rare home designs that fits in with every aesthetic. So that’s why I’m giddy about them. Instead of hiding your style, they showcase them and open up the rest of the space so you feel like you’re walking into a place that’s bold and intentional. I love that.

Let’s start with this beauty. Adding the tub inside the shower is one of the most genius ideas. You know when you’re taking a bath and your shoulders are constantly cold? An enclosed space will solve that problem and allow your body to receive the full sauna treatment. And it’s absolutely beautiful. via Rachel Balmforth

I would design an entire house around this shower. It belongs in an updated lake house where nature meets modern elegance. via The Urban Iron Craft

I adore this art deco meets minimalism vibe. Black and white scream classic and yet the subway tiles give it an urban feel. Did we just find a shower that encapsulates every home style? via Plank and Pillow

Now this is minimalism at its finest. Subtle tiles, black muted contrast, and hardware that quietly screams elegance. Via Hunker

A nice cut out door offers some privacy while still elongating this narrow bathroom. The space is fully maximized and the multiple shower heads are perfectly placed. I don’t think I would ever leave! via House Beautiful


Modernizing your bathroom doesn’t have to be huge, but it does have to be intentional. If you’re not sure what to do with your bathroom, I suggest opening up your space with glass doors and see how liberating getting clean can be.

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