Mixing the Old with the New

Freshening up your space is a great thing to do every couple of years as trends come and go. That doesn’t mean that everything has to be brand new!  Sometimes mixing the old with the new is the best way to create a new look while also including the character and charm of an older piece.

Timeless – Using pieces from different time periods gives the illusion that your items have been collected slowly opposed to purchased all at once. A very modern light with a more rustic table and small accessories from an antique shop can help to keep your home timeless as trends change.

Consider the Home – Think about the era of the home and add accessories that highlight that style of the home. Think about the architecture and pull in lighting, accessories, etc. that would have been used in the home of that time. This will give the illusion that some of these items may be original, yet clean with a modern spin.

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Making Memories – Incorporate items that show your memories! This is a big one in creating that lived-in look. Be sure to have pictures of family, places you’ve traveled, etc. to make the space personal. Bringing in older items to a new space is great, but you want it to be believable and making it personal can help to bind the two together.

Antiqued or Rustic – You can often find pieces that are meant to look rustic or antiqued but are ultimately new on the shelf. These items can help to add character to your space and not look as polished and new. Picking pieces that are made of high quality like real barn wood instead of faux wood with a painted antique look is crucial in selling your guests on the “old character” touch. Be sure to balance your rustic textures with something smooth and polished to avoid creating a space that looks outdated.

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Statement vs Accessories – Consider the balancing act – if your dining room table is a large, rustic farmhouse table, decorate the space with more modern accessories that will give the space a polished updated look. Use a modern chandelier above to balance out the older statement piece table. If your fireplace is modern, bring in antiqued décor pieces to make the space cozy and more comfortable.

Incorporating both old and new items is a great way to make your space feel like a home instead of a showroom. With this guide, you’ll be able to give the illusion that your space is lived-in with original character yet fresh and clean, incorporating all of the modern conveniences. 

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