A Stunning Midwest Lake House

I’ve lived many places, internationally and stateside, but life has brought me to the Midwest where I currently reside. After living in Chicago for a while, I settled down here in Milwaukee where I’ve put down roots and have enjoyed seeing the growth of my interior design firm thrive in the area. So when I see homes from the Midwest featured in magazines, my design radar perks up. I love seeing where I live represented on a national scale, especially when it’s represented so well. And if you’ve been a longtime reader, you’ll know how much I love designing, renovating, and custom building lake houses. Lucky for me, the Midwest is the perfect place to build a lake house due to the amount of lakes in the area and open land. I’ve seen a lot of lake houses in my day, but few as intentionally designed as this one I spotted on One Kindesign.

A few weeks ago we talked about an intentionally cultivated home but what do I mean by an intentionally designed home? Let’s take a look:

The gathering place. With ceiling to floor windows so guests can take in the vertical splendor of the trees just outside and the light coming from above, I love that the design of this home says you’re not just looking at nature, you’re right in the middle of it.

This is a simple design trick I love: Don’t think you have to commit to one texture with your furniture. Yes you can mix leather with other textiles side by side. Texture contrast is just as important as hue contrast.

A guest room essential: a place to put belongings. Bonus points when that place is as elegant as this one.

This is one of the many bathrooms in this lake house and the simple elegance of it made my heart beat a little faster. The light coming in just highlights the openness of the space, allowing your guests to feel like they’re bathing outside.

The ever-important mudroom. After a day of canvasing the woods and rowing on the lake, this space is crucial.

I love the idea of an art room in a lake house. I’m envisioning a space to create floral arrangements after a morning of wildflower picking.

I can’t stress this enough: ample seating in a lake house is crucial. Expect guests to need enough room to gather together or to meander apart. People are drawn to windows for relaxing so make sure you’re using them as key points for seating.

Built in storage is crucial to making sure your kitchen looks as clean and open as possible. Yes some things are ok to leave out, but when you’re in lake house it’s wise to put away electronic appliances to fully immerse yourself in the feeling of getting away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Do you see how deliberate they were in what would be seen and what would be tucked away? And there’s plenty of storage space for modern day gadgets.


A game room is a lake house necessity. The natural separation without full segregation between the two stations encourages socialization and competition that will last well into the night.


Do you see why I love lake houses so much? A well-designed lake house encourages gathering, a refuge from daily life, and a seamless efficiency that promotes a natural sense of comfort and relaxation. Even if you don’t have a lake house of your own, I hope you found ways in this blog post to incorporate this kind of lake house lifestyle.



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    This is stunning all around. Just fantastic!

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