Merry Decor

Although I love the technical aspects of being an interior designer with the measurements, geometry, and CAD it involves, every year I look forward to setting aside the numbers for a few days and focusing on transforming clients’ homes into luxurious holiday retreats.

Decorating is just one part of interior design, but it requires just as much planning, artistry, and experience to know how to please my clients andĀ also fully bring out the magic of the season.

Using lights with mirrors is a wonderful way to be greeted by the Christmas spirit when you and your guests walk into a room. The details of your decor will be highlighted even more.

Coordinating your Christmas decor to your evergreen items such as carpets and banisters is key to making sure the eyes flow undisturbed from room to room.

Balance when decorating is key. Allow just enough foliage to be seen, but highlight the shape of the tree with your decorations so your tree will seem larger than life.

Larger than life.

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