Kitchen Robots

Part of home design is integrating technology and being up to date is no small feat. Through the years we’ve seen advancements in home security, automated lighting, seemingly intelligent refrigerators, and all in one kitchen appliances. Making them custom to fit my client’s needs is a fun and rewarding task. So what’s next for home technology? At the risk of sounding very cliched, the future is here and so are kitchen robots.

As I think about the very basics of a kitchen robot, it feels both too good to be true and also very timely. I’ll admit the first time I heard of one it seemed unnecessary and too futuristic. But after six months of quarantine, I’m ready for something to do more of the thinking (and cooking) for me. According to the makers of Moley, they want these robots to be affordable enough to be a mainstream in kitchens instead of a once in a millionaire novelty.

I like that mentality when it comes to technology; if it’s accessible it can be successful.

I recognize there are still many in the world who scoff at shortcuts such as microwaves and hand mixers, yet that didn’t stop the market for microwaves and hand mixers to be necessary. I view kitchen robots in the similar way. I also recognize many of my clients might not be ready for a kitchen robot, but as a creator and business owner, thinking ahead is something always on my mind.

Take a look at the video and see what you think:

What do you think? Are you ready for a kitchen robot? This was not a sponsored post but if you think a multi-million dollar company such as Moley would give me money to advertise for them then I would love to hug you to say thank you.





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