Kid’s Rooms (and how they’ll brighten your day)

Wisconsin has been in the news again. Not just Wisconsin, but Kenosha which is just south of Milwaukee where this firm is based. And through all this I know I have many friends, clients, and family members with ties to the area and I know life isn’t easy for them right now. Life isn’t easy for most of us through this pandemic, but violence on top of emotional upheavals feels unduly unfair.

And so I think of them especially as I write this. Most of all, I think of the children in the area who are going back to school with the cloud of so much sadness around them. And I wanted to dedicate this post to them and all of their natural innocence, goodness, curiosity, and eagerness for harmony.

Not every child will have a fully decorated room. Not every child will even have their own bed. But for those who dream (and don’t we all?), I wanted to share childhood rooms I wish I had as they encourage that sense of innocence, goodness, curiosity, and harmony.

Adventure and travel reign in this room. I love that this map is on the floor, a much better learning environment than a wall that’s usually too high for little ones. via Paul and Paula

Turning bunkbeds into a cottage with sliding doors and garden windows would inspire even the littlest minds to love the outdoors. There’s even a slide on the side for more adventurous fun. via Doris Leslie Blau

The opposite of the country life above but equally as fun is this cityscape. Set against a pattern of clouds, it’s perfectly serene yet fun. via Keep Toddlers Busy

Anyone who’s ever shared a bedroom with a sibling would appreciate this divided room. via Shades of Blue Interiors

Putting a climbing wall over a bed might be the perfect way to wear out your child. via Fun Loving Families

It’s amazing how focusing on brightening children’s lives can make a person feel better, even if it’s simply a post on an interior design website. Being a positive part of a child’s life is one of the bright spots in these dark times. I’m thinking of all of my friends, family members, clients, and their children.



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