Key measurements and tips when remodeling your kitchen

When putting together a new kitchen it takes well thought out planning before ripping out the old and putting in the new. Even if you keep your existing layout you still need to make adjustments as far as storage needs which will play a large role in ordering your cabinets. When it comes to your kitchen no matter how minor or large your scope of work is the kitchen will be a large investment so you might as well do it right!  One major word of advice…bring in professionals that can help you with decisions and planning your new dream kitchen. But in the meantime, here are just a few things to keep in mind and hopefully will help you get started when planning a new kitchen.

For starters start at the basics by considering your storage needs.  Ask yourself some of these questions…

  • Do you need more/less storage for your food and cookware?
  • What kind of cookware do you have more of?
  • Do you need more space for large pots and pans or do you love to bake and have tons of baking sheets?
  • Do you have a lot of casual and fine china that needs to be stored?
  • Do you want to hide your garbage and recycling bins in cabinet compartments?
  • Are you a family who loves countertops with “no junk/clutter” on top of them and would love to see all of your appliances hidden away in cabinets?
  • Do you love coffee or wine and want to incorporate a coffee bar or even a wine refrigerator into your layout?
  • Do you need a charging station (area where you can charge all of your electronics in one spot)?

After answering some of these questions it will help you to create a detail list of your storage needs.  Do not forget to add in your list the things that are currently working in your existing kitchen. I’m sure not everything is a negative nightmare in your kitchen. This detail list will help to give some insight to your cabinet millworker, designer or even an Ikea associate when discussing your storage needs in the kitchen.  These individuals should defiantly help you to find different compartments or cabinet options that will best suit your storage needs.

Another thing you will need to carefully consider is your layout. A lot of times I have clients who call me specifically to help them with laying out a proper kitchen for their lifestyle. Re-configuring a new layout that will allow my clients to have a better experience while working in their kitchen is something I love to do for them. It feels like putting a complex puzzle together.  When your kitchen is thoughtfully arranged ultimately you enjoy prepping, cooking, entertaining and even cleaning in your new kitchen.

One technique that is used when laying out a kitchen is using the “working triangle” technique.   I’m sure you have heard of the “working Triangle” .but if not let me give you a little explanation of this important layout that was actually developed in the 1940’s. The working triangle is a simple idea that can save time and energy if properly executed. The working triangle is where the three main work areas(sink, range, and refrigerator) are in the proximity of one another and in a shape of a triangle;). The rule of thumb is to keep the distance between these areas no less than 4 feet and no bigger than 9 feet. By following these guidelines and keeping these three main work areas connected it allows one to have a nice working flow allowing it to feel not too cramped or spread out.

Another thing to think about is the distance between cabinets. In areas that are entry points consider spreading your cabinets as little as 36 inches apart. In high traffic areas, I would recommend at least 42 inches from the face of the cabinet to the other cabinet face. If you have the room 48 inches is ideal but don’t go beyond 60 inches. It gets too far from your ability to work efficiently in your kitchen.


Ultimately everyone has personal preferences that work best, so consider this a guide and not a rulebook. And when figuring out your new layout takes some measurements beforehand and document what works and does not work for your new kitchen.

Good luck on beautifying your new kitchen and if you can bring in a professional kitchen designer or an interior designer to help. Your kitchen is a huge investment and you will get every penny back plus when hiring the right people to help on this specific project in your home. It’s well worth spending a little bit more to get some really outstanding advice.

Lisa Mo

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