Just a Little Different

To be honest, I’m not an outlandish person. Shock value isn’t interesting to me because it doesn’t feel genuine. I’m less of a DuChamp person and more of a Degas. I say that purposely because I know Degas was considered a shock artist at the time. But still, within his works, there was an inherent desire to display beauty, even if unconventional. Shock was predicted, but not a motivating factor nor a deliberate intent.

This definitely applies to my life as an interior designer. What I’ve learned about art is that it doesn’t have to be shocking to be interesting or different. I love when design makes me go “Wait what? What is that? I think I like it.” You can’t always describe that feeling, but when you see it, you know it. It’s that small element of different mixed in with predictability that I love, so when I stumbled across this house while looking for interesting hardware for a client, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

Layers. There’s nothing shocking about layers or lights, but it certainly captures my attention. You have the layers of the colors on the walls, the layers of blue in the painting, the layers of lights on top of another source of light, and hardware to float the lights over that layer.

At first glance, it might feel like the colorful balls don’t belong, or at best they were added after the room was designed. But if you take away the structure, do you see why it’s there? Do you see the complements of colors and shapes? Like many statement pieces, it’s meant to catch attention so you’ll think about the room a little longer with more purpose.

I was so enamored by the table shape that it took me a while to notice the light fixture. And then I noticed the textured vase and dotted artwork in the far corner. My thoughts on this scene is “Why not?” Why not have a kidney shaped table? Why not have a stunning piece of art hanging over head. And heck… why not add in a colorful minimalist painting?

These light fixtures are what initially caught my eye. The movement of the slightly opened shape, the contrast of colors, and the way they hang confidently despite the fact that they’re meant to look like they’re sliding in half onto the beautiful island. Performance art via light fixtures seem to be the theme here.

More movement, more unexpected intent. This might be the most whimsical room in the house and yet its personality feels like it could move and shape with its inhabitant. This is another reason why I love abstract art so much.


What about you?

What makes you go “Wait what was that? I think I like it.”

photos by Nina Poon

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